“Do You Make These Mistakes In Bed?”
The simple… step-by-step… program that has helped over 3000 men to avoid the sex killing mistakes most men make in bed… and enabled them to give their wives intense… multiple… whole-body orgasms… virtually on command…

“This is required reading for any man that’s serious about getting MORE in his married sex life… more sex… more intensity… more variety… and more appreciation from his wife… “

-Jeffery Ambrose, Founder Ultimate Married Sex, LLC

Date: Wednesday 1st October 2014

Dear Frustrated Fellow Husband,

My name is Robert Irwin.

And, if you’ll give me just a few minutes, I’ll show you the biggest sex mistakes, that most men make. If you are making one (or several) of these mistakes, it will be almost impossibleto achieve the sort of sex life that you’d like to have.

If you are making these mistakes… anything you do to get your wife interested in more sex will be as painful as banging your head against a brick wall… and just about as effective.

I’ll also reveal to you the secrets to male sexual power that I’ve discovered and developed over the past fifteen years, as a sexual explorer, relationship and sex coach and best-selling sex advice author.

Like thousands of other men, these secrets will enable you to, finally, make your married sex life better than you’ve ever dreamed possible… starting tonight! So, I strongly encourage you to read every word of this letter. If you are frustrated with your current sex life or marriage… or both… this could be the most important letter you’ve ever read. Over the past fifteen years, I’ve played with various analogies and metaphorsfor husbands that are capable of making the sex in their marriage fulfilling for both themselves and their wives.

I’ve settled upon “Maestro” as my “go to” metaphor because I think the metaphor of a musical conductor most fully describes all of the various characteristics and skills that are necessary for a man to make his married sex life EVERYTHING that he wants it to be…

Corny, a little? Maybe. But, it works. So… just play along, ok? I’ll explain this metaphor, in more detail, later in this letter, but, for now, just know that the goal, if you are looking for ultimate sexual experiences with your wife… is to become an Orgasm Maestro. I’ll (try) to refrain from making too many puns that involve references to how you should be using “your baton.” In the next few paragraphs, I’ll reveal…

  • How to create higher levels of sexual desire in your wife than you’ve ever seen before. You’ll be capable of creating an intensity of sexual desire and responses in her, so intense, that, sometimes, they’ll be (almost) scary intense.
  • How to flip the sexual dynamics in your marriage so that you, never again, find yourself begging her for sex. From this time, forward, it will be you that decides wherewhenhow long… and at what intensity… you make love together. Although this powerful capability (to be the sexual leader in your relationship) will end your fear of being sexually rejected by your wife (ever again), trust me, she’ll be eternally grateful that you are now in charge, sexually. She’ll be getting turned on just thinking about following your lead.
  • How to become an Orgasm Maestro. You’ll be able to make (the rest of) your married sex life a sensual symphony. You’ll start each and every sexual encounter knowing that you have the sexual knowledge and skills to give your wife virtually unlimited types of sexual and orgasmic pleasure. And, you’ll bask in her appreciation and surprise at your ability to “conduct” her entire being… body and mind… to masterpieces of sexual fulfillment.
  • How to make it “no big deal” to turn your deepest and most long-held fantasies into erotic realities… regularly. If, in the past, there’s been a “disconnect” between your desires and fantasies and her willingness to to make them reality, you’ll want to kick yourself when you realize how simple it was, after all, to get her to WANT to play along.
  • Overall, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that, going forward, your sex life will be a simpler, easier, more positive part of your marriage… an unlimited source of fun, connections and sexual excitement… and that makes your relationship stronger.

By the end of this letter, you’ll possess sexual knowledge with the power to transform your marriage and sex life, forever.

Because I respect your intelligence (and your time)… I’m not going to pull any punches… I’m going to just cut to the chase and be BRUTALLY honest about the real reasons that your sex life is less than you’d like it to be.

And then I’m going to show you exactly what you can do about it. If you’re reading this letter, I’ll assume that one (or more) of these apply to you:

  • You might be bothered by the thought that your wife “just doesn’t like sex as much as you do.
  • You may be frustrated because she’s not comfortable with her body and she isn’t willing to fully express her sexuality. At least once in a while, you wish you could see her lose control in bedcompletely lose control… so much so that, for a few brief and glorious moments, she’s overcome by waves of sensual and orgasmic passion.
  • You’re bored with “the same ‘ol same ‘ol,” sexually… but she’s not willing to try new and wilder sexual activities.
Married sex can be confusing and frustrating at times.
  • You’re getting offended and resentful that she never initiates sex; it’s always your “job” to try to get things started, sexually.
  • You’re embarrased that (when she even has an orgasm) her orgasms aren’t all that intense… and you “just don’t know how” to give her the sexual pleasure you, desparately, want to give her.
  • You’re confused by her lack of concern for your sexual pleasure. Although you get incredibly “turned on” by knowing that you are pleasing her, sexually, she doesn’t seem to get that same “thrill” by exploring your sexual needs and desires.
  • You’re suspicious that she’s faking her orgasms… even the few she seems to have.
  • Your worried that things in your sex life may never get any better… or even worse… your poor sex life may lead to negative consequences like infidelity or divorce.

If any of the above describe some of your thoughts and feelings about your sex life and you’re if you’re starting to spend precious time being depressed that you were born missing something that everyone else seems to have, you need to know that you are not alone. Most men have these exact same thoughts and concerns. These types of sexual thoughts and desires are completely normal. The depressing reality is that most men make it to their graves… never having experienced truly great sex.According to statistics…

  • 82% of men are described as “Below Average in bed” by their wives.
  • 30% of women have NEVER achieved an orgasm during intercourse with their husband!
  • 65% of women admitted to faking orgasms, on a regular basis.
  • 92% of women admitted to having faked an orgasm at some time in the last 3 years!
  • 78% of women said they preferred a cuddle to sex.
  • 39% of married women will cheat on their husbands.
  • 25% of men will get turned downby their own wife over half the time.
  • Nearly 50% of men have wives that will NEVER ask for sex.
Most men will neverexperience a trulygreat married sex life.

The thing you have to realize, though, is that your “less than what you wished it was” sex life (so far) and the statistics above are not what they are because it’s really all that difficult to have a fantastic married sex life. Creating an amazing married sex life isn’t just possible… it’s much simpler and easier than you’d ever imagine… no matter your age… or how long you’ve been married… and… even if your wife doesn’t seem interested in fixing things. The reason that those above statistics are so depressingto me is …

For most men… including you… avoiding all of this pain… anger… and sexual frustration… is shockingly simple and easy to do… with the correct sexual knowledge.

The only thing standing between you and the erotic experiences, with your wife, you’ve always dreamed about… is a little bit of CORRECT knowledge about male and female sexuality… and a little bit of “practice.” Although most men will never experience the levels of sexual connection and sexual excitement they desire, it isn’t because it’s difficult to achieve your sexual goals; it’s because they’ve never had access to THE FACTS about married sexuality… the facts that I’m revealing to you now. They don’t know the simple, but not obvious, truths about what TO DO and what NOT TO DO in bed… if you want to make sex a positive experience for both you and your wife. So, first… let’s cover the things NOT TO DO in the bedroom… the sex mistakes you have to stop making IMMEDIATELY… if you want any real chance at getting more and better sex in your marriage…

Sex Mistake #1: Underestimating your wife’s true sexual potential.

Many men try to feel better about their crappy sex lives by telling themselves that their wife’s lack of sexual desire and interest is normal and expected… simply because she’s a woman. They tell themselves, “Everyone knows women are less sexual than men, right?Wrong! This little lie that some men tell themselves is wrong on so many levels I don’t know where to start, but let’s try by starting with the truth

If your wife has a lack of sexual desire and interest… it’s not because she’s less sexual than you… it’s because the sex in your marriage is “more trouble than it’s worth” for her…

A woman’s lack of sexual desire and interest is a direct result of her (conscious or unconscious) belief that sex, at least sex with you, is “more trouble than it’s worth” on some level. This belief, whether she’s even aware of it, or not, is based on her sexual history with you. It has everything to do with the quality of her past sexual experiences with you… and, virtually, nothing to do with her inherent sexual potential. By all measures, your wife has way more sexual potential than you do… once you know how to coax that potential out and turn it into erotic reality. Your wife’s body is better designed for sexual pleasurethan yours:

  • Her clitoris contains over 8,000 pleasure receptors. This is about the same number you have in your penis. But, her clitoris is approximately 1/10th the size of your penis. This means that your wife’s clitoris has TEN TIMES more pleasure potential than your penis!
  • Your wife is capable of different types of orgasms. You and I can have, uh, one type of orgasm. Your wife, though, is capable of EIGHT completely different types of orgasms!
  • Your wife is capable of multiple orgasms. Most men, if they’re lucky, are capable of multiple orgasms in the same day. Your wife has the potential to have virtually unlimited multiple orgasms… in the same lovemaking session.
  • Your wife can have multiple orgasms, back to back. Again, even if you are skilled at “coming back quick,” it’s going to take you five or ten minutes, right? Your wife, under the right circumstances, can actually have orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm… with little or no time lapse between them!


Sex Mistake #2: Believing that she values sex less than you do.

Sex is a much bigger deal for your wife than you may imagine. Whether you’ve seen it in a while, or not, your wife has very deep sexual needs and desires.

Women… including your wife… are by nature…incredibly sexual creatures…

Given the right circumstances, in a marriage and bed room, your wife is more inclined to value sex and all of your sexual interactions more deeply more than you do. Women, by nature, are more easily capable of bonding their physical, emotional and spiritual parts during sex. They seek and can receive deep levels of emotional comfort and intense validationfrom sex.

This is why disappointing sex can actually be emotionally painful for your wife… painful enough to make her choose to avoid sex…

This is one of the main reasons that your wife may, at times, choose to fake her orgasms… she just wants the sex to stop because it’s emotionally painful for her to continue (when the sex is disappointing)… sex, literally, becomes “more trouble than it’s worthfor her. In fact, in many marriages, this “sexual disconnect,” over time, can make a wife withdrawn, resentful, depressed and, overall, “downright hard to live with.” So, how can it be true that your wife is capable of valuing sex MORE than you do, when you’ve never seen a hint of this?

Because, as hard as it may be for us guys to imagine… women actually care about the quality of sex they have!Women value sex… when it’s good.I’m sure you’ve heard one of your friends say something like, “There’s no such thing as bad sex.“But, it doesn’t work that way for women.Women like GOOD sex more than men do… when they get it.

And, this is why “average sex” or “bad sex” is so disappointing to your wife. Disappointing sex actually throws her entire beingfor a loop“; it mixes up her thoughts and emotions into a negative storm in her mind… causing her to feel , mostly, uncomfortable and sad. After awhile, it’s easier for her to just say, “not tonight,” or try to get you to finish faster… or “fake it.”

Look… the reality is… just like most men… most women haven’treceived any sort of real sex education.

They, too, are “making it up as they go along” and trying to figure out the very complicated stuff that is relationships and sex. So, they rely upon their natural (female) logic when they try to understand what’s happening when the sex in their marriage isn’t so great. And, ultimately, they end up taking everything negative very personally. If you’ve ever had an issue with erectile dysfunction, you know exactly what I’m talking about. No matter how much your wife might tell you that she understands that your “problemisn’t about her, she can’t fully hide the fact that, in reality, she thinks it’s all about her. Similarly, when she’s relying on her “female instincts” to assess the state of her sex life, she’s assuming the worse:

  • You don’t love her like you should.
  • You don’t care about her enough to “just know” how to make the sex great.
  • If she was “sexy enough,” maybe you’d be better in bed.

Of course, none of this is true. But, to her… it sure feels true to her.  

Sex Mistake #3: Begging, Nagging or Pouting for Sex

I’m sure you’ve heard the aphorism, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, over and over, and expecting different results.” I mention this because, the next most common mistake sexually-deprived husbands make is one of those kinds of mistakes… No matter how many times a man begs, nags or pouts for sex and is rejected… a few days later, he’s back to begging, nagging or poutingand getting rejected.

Look, it’s not that I don’t understand the attraction of the obvious approach to getting more sex; I do.

There’s nothing obvious about how to correctly adjust “the knobs and levers ” that control your wife’s psychological, emotional and sexual responses…

What would you do when your computer isn’t giving you the results that you need and desire?em>Do you beg it or nag it or demand that it give you what you want?Of course not.Unless you are a real knuckle head, you’ll (eventually) accept that, to get the results you desire, you’re going to have to step back, get out the owner’s manual and figure out which buttons you aren’t pressing correctly.Which is exactly the same thing you have to do, NOW, relative to your sexual relationship with your wife.You have to step back and spend some time learning how your wife’s been designed and programmed, sexually.The great news, though, is…

Once you understand how your wife is designed and programmed sexually…you’ll never have to beg for sex again… because it will just happen…
Artist’s rendering” of “the controls” to your sexual response system.
Artist’s rendering” of “the controls” to your wife’s sexual response system.
Artist’s rendering” of what we WISH her controls looked like…
Not the best way to manage sexual dynamics…
When you find yourself resorting to begging, nagging or (attempted) demanding to get sex, there are two fundamental concepts that you need to understand:

The Sexual Dynamics of your relationship. There are all sorts of factors affecting the quality of your sexual relationship.But, “the King” of all factors is sexual dynamics; they are the “big picture” environment in which everything else happens.Basically, it is the sexual ranking within your relationship; how you and your spouse rank each other (consciously or uncounsciously), between the two of you, sexually.Over time, in every relationship, the sexual dynamics(ranking) between spouses becomes “a given” and rarely changes.HINT: If you are begging for sex, she’s not ranking you as the leader in the sexual dynamics area.
Sexual Value of one spouse to another. Understanding sexual value can be hard for some husbands because its implications can be kind of “harsh.”

The bottom line is… if your wife lacks sexual desire, its MOSTLY because she doesn’t find you as sexually valuable as you’d like. For whatever reason (or a variety of reasons), you no longer give her the same chemical, hormonal and emotional “rushthat you once did. Although that might be hard to accept, the good news is that this doesn’t have to be a permanant thing; you absolutely can change this. When you know how, you can give yourself MORE sexual value, in her eyes, than you ever had. And, you can return that sexual rush to her system every timeshe looks at you. And, when you realize the truth about sexual dynamics and sexual value, you’ll realize that begging for, nagging for or demanding sex from her is the quickest and easiest way to screw up the sexual dynamics in your relationship… and to reduce your sexual value to your wife.

The crazy thing about this is that… no matter how much she loves you and appreciates you and wants to be sexually attracted to you… if the sexual dynamics in your relationship are “upside down” or your sexual value to her is low… things… sexually… will never “click” because these are deeper and more powerful UNCONSCIOUS factors than any conscious thoughts she may have about you…
So, once you’ve realized that the balance of power in your sexual relationship (the sexual dynamics) are “upside down” and that you need to increase your sexual value, in her eyes, STOP begging and START learning how to flip the sexual dynamics in your relationship and the secrets to increasing your sexual value to her.Although I can’t give you all the details, in this limited space, I can tell you that the secrets to doing the above involve accepting that you need to better understand the skills of seduction.Many men, to their sexual peril, assume that they no longer have to “seduce” their wives because they already “won the prize“: they got her to marry them.Nothing could be further from the truth…
Her sexual attraction to you happens at a very deep, unconscious level…
Ultimately… your ability to get TONS of sex… for the rest of your life… has MORE to do with your skills in manipulating  sexual dynamics and sexual value  than your skills in bed…

Since the factors of sexual dynamics and sexual value are ALWAYS a factor in any relationship… no longer how long you’ve been married… it will ALWAYS be necessary for you to “seduce” your wife, emotionally, intellectually and sexually. Bottom line… The husbands that get the most sex understand that they should always be “selling” themselves and the idea of sex to their wives. It doesn’t matter how good you are in bed; if you are a poor sexual salesmen she will not buy into your offer.

Sex Mistake #4: NEVER Ask Her What She Wants – When You are in Bed

No matter what you’ve read in some “relationship expert’s” book… when you are in bed with your wife, you should never ask her what she wants, sexually. If you want to ask your wife about what turns her on, over dinner, that’s fine.  But don’t ask her what she wants when you’re actually making love to her, because:

  • It makes you look tentative and uncertain.
  • It breaks her out of the moment of pleasure and sexiness and puts her into her “logical brain” (which is exactly what you don’t want).
  • It makes her wish that she was with a man who already knew what turned her on.
Again, neverask what she wants when in bed.Do this instead:Study what sexually satisfies women in bed so that you are guessing much less.Pay attention to the signals she’s already giving you:
Do your sexual “homework” before you get to the bedroom…
  • What’s working and what isn’t.
  • How her body responds.
  • Her breathing.
  • The sounds she’s making.
You need to be hyper-conscious about the fact that… whether she says a single word or not… she is already(trying) to communicate with you sexually…

Another reason not to ask her what she wants is that, for a woman, deep down, she believes that the more you love and care for her… the more you’ll “just know” what she wants and needs. And, to some extent, she’s right. But, instead of “asking” her what she wants and needs, just learn how to observe the signals she’s already sending.

Sex Mistake #5: NOT Following Her Sexual Rhythms

There’s one mistake that most every man makes and it’s one of the biggest orgasm killers… ever. More wives’ amazing orgasms have been killedby this mistake than most all others combined.

In fact… avoiding this mistake… alone… could be THE KEY to taking your married sex life from bad to okay… even  if you do NOTHING else!

Avoiding this mistake will give most husbands, at least, a shot at giving their wives consistent, powerful orgasmsevery timethey make love!

To take her over the top… pay attention to her sexual “beats” and “rhythms.”

If you’ve ever paid close attention to how women respond to music, you should have immediately noticed that women are much more affected by RHYTHM than are men.This is most likely because it’s “hard wired” into their sexual response systems. You need to take advantage of this fact when you make love to your wife. When you are stimulating your wife, whether with your fingers, tongue, or during intercourse… it’s important that you know where and how she likes to be touched. But, it’s also important to focus on finding the “sexual rhythms” that she responds to, as well. If you’re paying attention to her body, it will become obvious (if you’re looking for it) when you find “the right beat” or her “sexual rhythm.” Then… and here’s where almost every guy gets it wrong… as she begins to get more and more excited…especially when it seems as if she’s about to climax… … RESIST the urge to speed things up! Men want to “sprint for the finish line,” sexually. When we feel like our wives are we’re getting close, we have a natural and “hard wired” desire to achieve our goal… finish the job… and make her orgasm. And, usually, this means that we “speed things up.” But, the problem is… When you go faster and harder, you drop “the beat,” you lose “the sexual rhythm” that was working. Here’s what to do instead

Keep the exact same “beat” or “rhythm” that you were doing whenyou started to notice her approaching orgasm…

In this way, women are very different from men. As men approach orgasm, they want (need) things to “speed up.” Women get into more of a “groove,” sexually, and they need to “keep that groove” if they are going to continue through to orgasm. If you resist the urge to speed things up… and just keep stimulating her with the exact same “beat” or “rhythm”… within a few minutes, you’ll be pleased to see her having a deep, satisfying orgasm. That’s it. And, yes, it really is that easy. And I promise you, that if you try it, too, you’ll be kicking yourself that you missed something this simple (but far from obvious) that could have made your sex life better… years ago! Bottom line is, it works like a charm

Sex Mistake #6: Underestimating The Importance of Her Clitoris

Most women, in their entire lives, never have an orgasm that isn’t the result of clitoris stimulation. Fortunately, if you want to learn how to give your wife proper clitoral stimulation, you can refer to your own experiences; her clitoris and your penis are very similar in structure and function. The only real difference between her clitoris and your penis – besides location in the body – is that your penis is also used for urination and her clitoris is not.

Otherwise, they have many similarities:
  • In the womb, you and your wife had the EXACT SAME genital parts (for a time). All embryos have exactly the same genital parts, until the embryo is exposed (or not exposed) to various hormones within the mother’s womb. If the mother’s womb bathes the embryo in testosterone, the tissue develops into a penis. If not, it develops into a clitoris.
  • The clitoris is made from the exact same material as the penis.
  • Just like the penis, the clitoris fills with blood and becomes erect during sexual arousal.
  • The clitoris and penis are similar in size. Most men are surprised to learn that their wife’s clitoris is actually pretty close to the same size as their penis. The only difference is that your penis is mostly external to your body and your wife’s clitoris is mostly internal to hers.
By far… the most reliableway to consistently help your wife to reach orgasm is by stimulating…directly or indirectly… her clitoris.

What many husbands don’t realize about the clitoris is that their penis, alone, usually cannot stimulate it. Because of its position in the woman’s body, the ability of the penis to provide rhythmic stimulation to the clitoris is extremely difficult. This means that, if you want to bring your wife to orgasm, consistenly, you have to focus more on types of stimulation that will directly or indirectly stimulate her clitoris… well enough to bring her to climax:

  • Manual stimulation. Using your fingers.
  • Oral stimulation. Using your mouth and tongue.
  • Toys. Any sex toy that vibrates can make clitoral stimulation easy.
  • Sexual positions that (at least indirectly) stimulate her clitoris. If you learn the sexual positions and position variations that DO stimulate her clitoris (HINT: NOT standard “Missionary Position”), you’ll want to focus on these positions when trying to give her orgasms.

Many times, focusing on the clitoris is one of the quickest and easiest ways to start your wife on the path of becoming orgasmic. Ironically, many couples that are sexually frustrated downplay the importance of the clitoris, for some reason. They just keep having Missionary Position sex, night after night, week after week and can’t understand why the wife never has an orgasm… never realizing that no one is ever stimulating her clitoris. If you are in one of these couples, you need to start adding other types of stimulation to your routine so that your wife has a chance to receive more clitoral stimulation.

Sex Mistake #7: Overestimating The Importance of Her Clitoris

Now, just because clitoral stimulation is the most common (and easy) way to make your wife orgasm, it is far from the ONLY or the BEST way to bring your wife sexual and orgasmic pleasure.

Did you know that your wife has the potential to have
different types of orgasms?

Your wife is capable of having ALL of the following types of orgasms:

  1. Clitoral orgasms.
  2. Vaginal orgasms.
  3. Cervix orgasms.
  4. G Spot orgasms.
  5. A Spot orgasms.
  6. Power Spot orgasms.
  7. Ejaculation orgasms.
  8. Anal Orgasms.

If you want to make your sex life better… for the rest of your life, you’ll want to learn how to give your wife all of the above types of orgasms. Obviously, the more sexual options you have to play with, the less likely it is that boredom will cause your sex life to dwindle away.


Sex Mistake #8: Relying Too Much on Intercourse

Most frustrated husbands focus too much on intercourse. If your wife isn’t as orgasmic as you’d like her to be, chances are that you are focusing too much on intercourse during lovemaking. Intercourse is actually one of the least effective ways to bring a woman to orgasm. Why? 

Because intercourse, relative to your wife’s potential to reach orgasm, is the equivalent of the proverbial “trying to jam a square peg into a round hole(no pun intended).Since most women can orgasm only by having their clitoris stimulated, and it’s really hard to stimulate your wife’s clitoris, in any real way, during intercourse, intercourse is one of the last types of sexual activity that you should be doing…when the goal is helping your wife to reach orgasm. Now, women still get quite a bit of emotional and sexual fulfillment from intercourse, whether they orgasm or not, so, I’m not suggesting that you avoid intercourse… just don’t expect her to have too many orgasms… just from intercourse.And, ironically, the most popular position (with frustrated couple’s, at least) for intercourse is the “standard order” “Missionary Position” and this is virtually the worst possible position for stimulating your wife’s clitoris.
Intercourse is wonderful. It’s just not the best way to make her orgasm!

To start to see your wife reach orgasm more often, you’ll have to stop focusing so much on intercourse and, certainly, you’ll have to do better than the Missionary Position. You’ll need to learn how to skillfully stimulate her in other ways, as well… such as manually (using your fingers) and orally(using your mouth or tongue).

The husbands that are most successful in bed don’t waste much time attempting to bring their wives to orgasm… through intercourse… alone… because making this happen islike learning how to juggle… while on a high wire…it’s really difficult.

So, if you want to be much better in bed, start by learning the secrets of non-intercourse sexual activities… and start trying them out right away!


Sex Mistake #8: Focusing on Only One Type of Orgasm

I encourage you to think BIG when you are learning the art of giving your wife orgasms. There are many triggers in your wife’s mind and body that are orgasmic. She can, if she’s turned on and extremely orgasmic, climax simply by thinking about something arousing.

Keep in mind that you can learn to stimulate her in many areas that deliver many different types of orgasms… it’s not just about rubbing her clitoris ten different ways…

Once you open up the realm of orgasmic possibility with her, “the sky is the limit,” sexually, for you both… which is what makes helping your wife to become orgasmic… and multi-orgasmic… so exciting. Again, with the right knowledge, you can regularly bring your wife to all of the eight female orgasm types (listed above). And, with each of these kinds of orgasms, you have the possibility of giving her the following typesof orgasms, as well:

  • Single orgasms. This is self-explanatory.
  • Multiple orgasms. This is when your wife has more than one orgasm in the same lovemaking session.
  • Blended Orgasms. The blended orgasm is one of the most intense kinds of stimulation to give your wife. Basically, you are stimulating two of her orgasmic areas, simultaneously (for example, her clitoris and her G Spot), and you are giving her the orgasmic pleasure of both… together! The blended orgasm is the type of orgasm I focus on quite frequently, with clients, because this is the most successful way that women have multiple orgasms as well as ejaculatory orgasms, so this combo packs a punch. And trust me, if you know how to work them both together simultaneously it’s an art form. Even better, she can also help you out with the blended orgasm. You will definitely have a lot of success with this.
  • Full-body orgasms. Full-body orgasms are when she feels as if she’s having an orgasm all the way from the top of her head to the tips of her toes (and everything in between!). It can, sometimes, happen when she has very powerful genital orgasms, too, and the more she surrenders and keeps opening up to the orgasmic energy moving through her body, the more she can have these fully body orgasms.
  • Infinite” full-body orgasms. Then we next have the infinite full body orgasm. This one that is just amazing; they not only can be felt head to toe… they can also extend on and continue… for hours!
  • I have developed a method for consistently achieving these that I call “Maestro’s Infinite Orgasms.” Although it might take you a few weeks to master this type of orgasm… you’ll reap the pleasure benefits for the rest of your life. These types of orgasms are absolutely an ultimate level of orgasmic pleasure… where she actually can feel as if sexual energy is shooting out the top of her head… and her orgasms come in wave after wave… up to hours. These types of orgasms are only possible when you get to the point where you’ve helped her to allow that sexual energy to move freely throughout her entire body.
For Orgasm Maestros, there’s really no limit to the types of orgasmic variations possible…

Very few men even know that their wives are capable of having any more than ONE kind of orgasm… and their wives aren’t having all that many of them. You now know about all eight different kinds of orgasms your wife is capable of experiencing… and the five different variations or “types” of each. That should keep you busy for awhile… huh?

I hope that you found the above information helpful. If you do nothing else but avoid these eight “sex killing mistakes,” I promise, you’ll experience far less frustration and confusion in your bedroom. But, before you run off to apply some of your newfound sexual knowledge… I’d like to ask you an important question…

Do you want to (regularly) have the kind of mind-blowing… crazy INTENSE… sex that’s better than the sex that  99% of married men will ever experience?

Are you the type of man that would be interested in some (or all) of the following?

  • Increasing sex frequency in your marriage. Wouldn’t you love it if your wife wanted sex as much as you do? Imagine (if you can) how great it would be to have your wife start initiating sex. Wouldn’t you be pleasantly surprised if she had a newfound desire to please you, sexually?
  • Mastering reading and giving sexual communication. The vast majority of the important “communication” taking place in the bedroom is non-verbal. Wouldn’t you love to be able to read her signals, like a book, and give her YOUR signals, too, without ever needing to say a single word?
  • Helping your wife to completely eliminate her unnecessary sexual inhibitions and heal sexually. Could you use sexual healing methods for you and your wife? Many women (and some men) have serious emotional and physical blocks to fully expressing and enjoying their sexuality. Wouldn’t you like to eliminate these blocks… forever?
  • Making your wife more comfortable with her body and willing to fully express her sexuality… including her deepest, most secret needs and desires.
  • Seeing your wife completely lose control, in bed… to the point where she’s overcome by wave after waveof sensual and orgasmic passion.
  • Bonding emotionally and spiritually with your wife, during lovemaking so that your lovemaking becomes… for both of you… a soul-bonding, relationship-building experience… every time.
  • Mastering ALL of the major forms of sexual stimulation: Manual (fingering), Oral, Intercourse, “No touch stimulation,” Toys)… so that you never run out of ways to give her intense pleasure.
  • Giving your wife ALL of the different “kinds” of orgasms possible for her. Give her intense sexual release through allof the following kinds of female orgasms:
    • Clitoral orgasms
    • Vaginal orgasms
    • Cervix orgasms
    • G Spot orgasms
    • A Spot orgasms
    • Power Spot orgasms
    • Ejaculation orgasms and Anal Orgasms.
  • Giving your wife ALL of the different “types” of orgasms possible for her. Would you like to explore giving your wife Intense Single orgasms, “Extended, Infinite Orgasms,”Multiple orgasms,”Mixed orgasms” and “Stacked orgasms?”
  • Giving your wife , whole-body orgasms. Would you like to be able to give your wife pulsatingly intense, whole body orgasms that make her feel as if she’s climaxingfrom head to toe?
  • Knowing exactly how to stimulate every inch of her body. Virtually every inch of your wife’s body has some sensual potential. Wouldn’t it be great to know all six of the “hot spots” on your wife that are capable of giving her orgasms? Wouldn’t it be helpful to know every single one of her potential erogenous zones... genital and non-genital? Wouldn’t it be great to have the tips and tricks for giving her erotic pleasure through each and every one?
  • Introducing your wife to sexual peaking. When you learn the secrets to “sexual peaking,” you’ll be able to bring your wife to the brink” of climax… but then pull her back and reduce her arousal levels so that the “sexual ride” can continue… and so that her ultimate orgasm is massive!
  • Making her orgasms last longer. Would you like to learn how to give your wife “Infinite orgasms?” Having an “Infinite orgasm” makes her feel as if her entire body is riding the unpredictable and overwhelming power of a tidal wave of sexual pleasure. She’ll experience “wave after wave” of orgasmic pleasure… and this pleasure moves all around her body, from head to toe, and cycles between intense surface pleasure and deep internal pleasure. When you discover how to give her “Infinite Orgasms,” you’ll be capable of playing her body like a finely tuned “pleasure instrument.” You’ll be able to “tune” her sexual excitement levels so skillfully that her body will respond to each and every of your smallest actions.
  • Mastering all four stages of AMAZING MARRIED SEX. Would you like to feel confident in every major stage of married sexuality (DesireSeductionSensuality and Surrender)?
  • Confidently seducing and sexually attracting your wife. Any guy can please his wife, sexually, once in a while (especially early in a marriage), but few are capable of attracting, seducing and sexually pleasing their wives… for decades. Wouldn’t you like to be one of those lucky few?
  • Lasting longer in bed. If you struggle with delaying your orgasms, you’re not alone; the average duration, before orgasm, for men, is just six minutes. And, many men struggle to last just one or two minutes. How much would it be worth to you to be able to last (pretty much) as long as you desire? Would you care to learn how to delay your ejaculation until the perfect, most intense and most exciting part of your lovemaking?
  • Flipping the sexual dynamics in your marriage. Would you like to know how to “turn the tables,” sexually, in your marriage so that you are the “sexual leader.” How great it would be if you NEVER AGAIN had to nag or beg for sex? Wouldn’t it be nice, for a change, for YOU to be “calling the shots” in your sex life?
  • Having mutual, simultaneous orgasms with your wife. Would you like to have mutual, simultaneous orgasms… a sexual experience that less than 1/10th of 1 percent of couples ever experience?
  • Having MULTIPLE, mutual, simultaneous orgasms with your wife. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to not only have mutual, simultaneous orgasms… but, also, MULTIPLE mutual, simultaneous orgasms? Wouldn’t you like to be able to match her orgasms, orgasm for orgasm, and still be able to “come back for more”… even if you are playing for hours?
  • Exploring the pleasures of your “male G Spot,” your prostate. Would you be interested in experiencing one of the most intense pleasures possible for a man… prostate orgasms?
  • Introducing new, wilder, types of sex play. Would you like to learn the “no fail,” “thinking man’s method” for getting your wife to try new things she’d have never (ever) considered in the past?
  • Increasing the volume and distance of your ejaculations. Would you be curious about how to increase the volume and distance of your ejaculations? Did you even realize it was possible to significantly increase both the volume and “distance” of your ejaculations? Wouldn’t it be a fun thing to see what your limits are?
  • Learning ADVANCED LEVELS of all of the major types of sexual technique category. Would you be interested in becoming an Advanced-Level Expert at Manual (fingering),Cunnilingus (oral), Intercourse and Foreplay Techniques?
  • Mastering the art of kissing. Would you, finally, enjoy knowing that you are amazing at kissing? Would you be interested in learning all of the types of kissing skills Masters possess (Licking, Brushing, Tongue Massages, probing, tongue stretching and sucking techniques)?
  • Knowing the truly Advanced Sex Positions. Would you like to know which sex positions are best for what? Which is best for her orgasm? Which is best for manual stimulation? Oral stimulation? Anal play? Would you like to know the 12 positions you should try before you die?
  • Becoming sexually fit. Would you like to know the easy, painless exercises that will help you to be “fit and ready to goin the bedroom? Would you take advantage of the ability to strengthen your mouth and tongue, wrists and forearms, fingers and grip and, even… your penis?
  • Learning the little-known secrets of sexual nutrition. Would you like to learn how to be sexually vital, vigorous and long-lasting… no matter your age… with what you eat? Want to know which types of foods and supplements are best for sexual vigor, health and power?
  • No longer worrying about infidelity or divorce. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could eliminate that negative voice in your head that makes you worry about your wife thinking about other men, sexually, or actually cheating on you? Wouldn’t you prefer to rest easy that your married sex life will only get better, over time? That, from now on, the sexual part of your marriage will only strengthen your marriage relationship and help you to ensure that your marriage is never faced with the devastation of infidelity or divorce?

Here’s the honest truth… If you just print out this letter and do your best to avoid the above “bone head mistakes” that most men make in bed… you’ll have a chance at making your sex life, at least, “average“… maybe even “really good.” But, here’s the problem… if you want to experience THESE types of experiences… if you want EVERYTHINGthat is possible for you, sexually, it’s going to take MORE than just avoiding mistakes…

…just knowing what NOT to do isn’t enough… you’re going to have to know what TO DO… you’ll need to POSSESS the  sexual knowledge that the few men ever will…  and… you must be willing to experiment  and practice a little…

So, if you are completely happy with your sex life… as it is… or… you don’t think you’re willing to invest any more time and energy, than you already are, into making it amazing… I wish you well and hope that that you found this letter to have some value to you. Thanks for visiting my site and taking the time to read this letter. But, if you think you might be interested in learning more about how you can make your sex life better than 99% of other men’s sex lives… I strongly encourage you to keep reading.

I’m going to give you an opportunity that I think you’ll find exciting.

Now, before I get into the details of this opportunity, let me tell you a little bit about me first. At this point, you may be asking yourself, “Who is this guy?” and “Why should I listen to him about this stuff?” Well… As we saw, earlier, very few men will ever experience the truly amazing and intensekind of sex that I know you want for yourself. But…

MANY men (including myself) DO experience this sort of mind-blowing, “pushing the sexual envelope” kind of  sex… FREQUENTLY… and THOUSANDS of these  ”lucky few” men learned how to do this… from ME…

Here’s the story… A little over fifteen years ago, I was frustrated with the “average” (at best) sex in my marriage. I had been married a few years and my wife still hadn’t had a single orgasm. Probably because I felt guilty about her lack of fulfillment, I found myself not expecting all that much, sexually, for myself either. All in all, this led to a pretty depressing situation in my bedroom. And this , frankly, cause me to go (a little) off the deep end (for a few months) and I became obsessed with learning everything I possibly could about how to make my married sex life what I had expected it to be, before I was married. And, after a year or so, of research and “practice,” I realized that I had not only achieved my goal… I had far surpassed it. My wife and I had figured out how to make our sexual relationship far better than we’d ever imagined possible. And, since one of us (not me) isn’t so great at keeping secrets… This led to me becoming the “sex expert” amongst our little group of friends. And, then, amongst a larger group of their friends. Which meant I was constantly getting emails and phone calls from men asking me for advice. And, this, ultimately (because I was tired of explaining my sex life to complete strangers over the phone), led to me writing my first book, “Sexual Skills For The Christian Husband.”

Robert Irwin (On the left) being interviewed about the concepts in Orgasm Maestro.
Which (strangely enough) turned into a full-time career as a sexual researcher, coach and author.Since then, I’ve written 12 sex advice books, which have sold together, well over 60,000 copies, and most of which are still best sellers.I’ve also created or contributed to tens of sexual improvement courses and programs.I’ve personally helped hundreds of couples to fix their marriages and sex lives.
I’ve had the chance to be interviewed in national media as a “Christian sex expert,” more times than I can remember.”Now, I’m not telling you this to try to impress you…

I just wanted you to know… I DO have quite a bit of experience in the “making your married sex life not stink department”. More importantly, for youI have been very effective at showing other men how to expand their sexual horizons. I accidentally discovered that I was pretty darn good at digging through … THOUSANDS OF PAGES… of sex advice books, college text books, ancient sexual manuals, men’s and women’s magazines and sex advice websites… and HUNDREDS OF HOURS of sexual audio and video courses… and… not only did I NOTkill myself…

I was able to uncover the “sexual gold nuggets” that would make it possible for me (and my clients and readers) to experience new… unique… and crazy intense sexual  experiences that most men might think were  only “the stuff of legends”…

But what makes me most proud is… I’ve been able to translate these “sexual diamonds in the rough” into simple, step-by-step, tips, techniques and methods that any man could quickly grasp and then apply to make his sex life better. Now, as you might imagine… Over fifteen years12 booksfive full-blown courses… and innumerable articles and blog posts… I’ve gathered together quite an impressive collection of powerful sexual secrets… Which led me to realize… What was really needed (and what I had not yet done) was to take all of this proven and effective sexual knowledge and “boil it down” to it’s essence and core. Although you might want to experience EVERYTHING possible for you sexually, you don’t want to have to “re-invent the wheel.” You don’t want to have to spend fifeen years, thousands of hours, tens of thousands of dollars and deal with the embarrassment (like I did) of failed “trial and error.” What you need is…

A simple method that will guide you… from sexually frustrated and confused…  to sexually fulfilled and powerful  … as quickly… easily… and painlessly as possible… in a step-by-step way…  and… provide  you with  a COMPLETE plan for  how to make  your married sex life amazing…  for a lifetime… so, I created…

In a nutshell… The Orgasm Maestro Method Program is the complete, “A to Z,” distilled summary of (only) the best, and most effective, sexual concepts, methods, secrets, tips, tricks and techniques that I’ve discovered in the past fifeen years. It is the “boiled down to it’s essence” presentation of practically everything you will ever need to know about making your sex life what you always dreamed it could be. It is a uniquely complete, soup to nuts” program that will enable you to “conduct” (Get it? It’s a musical conducter reference.) the sexual activity in your marriage, like a Maestro… creating beautiful, awe-inspiring sexual symphonies between you and your wife. With your personal copy of this program at your fingertips, you’ll become an instant expert on allof the following:

  • Increasing the sex frequency in your marriage.
  • Mastering reading and giving sexual communication.
  • Helping your wife to completely eliminate her unnecessary sexual inhibitions and heal sexually.
  • Making your wife more comfortable with her body and willing to fully express her sexuality… including her deepest, most secret needs and desires.
  • Seeing your wife completely lose control, in bed…
  • Bonding emotionally and spiritually with your wife, during lovemaking
  • Mastering ALL of the major forms of sexual stimulation:Manual(fingering), Oral, Intercourse, No touch stimulation,Toys)
  • Giving your wife ALL of the different kinds of orgasms possible for her:
    • Clitoral orgasms.
    • Vaginal orgasms.
    • Cervix orgasms.
    • G Spot orgasms.
    • A Spot orgasms.
    • Power Spot orgasms.
    • Ejaculation orgasms.
    • Anal Orgasms.
  • Giving your wife ALL of the different “types” of orgasms possible for her.
    • Intense Single orgasms.
    • Extended, Infinite Orgasms.
    • Multiple orgasms.
    • Mixed orgasms.Stacked orgasms.
  • Giving your wife , whole-body orgasms.
  • Knowing exactly how to stimulate every inch of her body.Introducing your wife to sexual peaking
  • Making her orgasms last longer.
  • Mastering all four stages of AMAZING MARRIED SEX.
    • Desire.
    • Seduction.
    • Sensuality.
    • Surrender.
  • Confidently seducing and sexually attracting your wife.
  • Lasting longer in bed.Flipping the sexual dynamics in your marriage.
  • Having mutual, simultaneous orgasms with your wife.
  • Having MULTIPLE, mutual, simultaneous orgasms with your wife.
  • Exploring the pleasures of your male G Spot, your prostate.
  • Introducing new, wilder, types of sex play.
  • Increasing the volume and distance of your ejaculations.
  • Learning ADVANCED LEVELS of all of the major types of sexual technique category.
    • Manual (fingering)
    • Cunnilingus (oral)
    • Intercourse
    • Foreplay Techniques
    • Mastering the art of kissing.
  • Knowing the truly Advanced Sex Positions.
  • Becoming sexually fit.
  • Learning the little-known secrets of sexual nutrition.
  • No longer worrying about infidelity or divorce.
  • Introducing new, wilder, types of sex play like oral and anal.

I’ve condensed over fifteen years12 booksfive full-blown courses… and innumerable articles and blog posts… into SEVEN simple, easy to digest (and apply) volumes that make up The Orgasm Maestro Method.

Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll find in each volume…

Volume 1
In volume 1, you’ll learn how to clear away any of the obstacles of the past that may have kept you and she from experiencing truly great sex.

Volume 2
In volume 2, you’ll get a “big picture” understanding of why most couples only ever have “average” sex and what you need to do to be in the happy minority of completely sexually satisfied couples:
Volume 3
In volume 3, you’ll get the most comprehensive, yet clear and simple, overview of the female anatomy that you’ve ever seen, including text, diagrams and images that will give you an understanding of your wife’s sexual anatomy that will rival that of some doctors… certainly, you will know more than 99% of men know about female anatomy… and you’ll probably know more than your wife knows about her own anatomy!
Volume 4
In this volume, you’ll become an expert on the female orgasm.You’ll learn the purpose of the female orgasm, the benefits to orgasms, what affects the quality of an orgasm and you’ll learn the primary barriers to female orgasms… and how to avoid them. You’ll learn about all eight different kinds of female orgasms. You’ll also learn the best techniques for giving your wife each of these kinds of orgasm.You’ll discover all of the different types of female orgasms. And, you’ll learn how to mix and match the kinds and types of orgasms to give her multiple, mixed, stacked and infinite orgasms.

Volume 5
In this volume, you’ll learn “Level One Orgasm Techniques.“Level One is, essentially, where you take your wife from non-orgasmic or barely orgasmic… to consistently orgasmic.
Volume 6
In this volume, you’ll learn “Level Two Orgasm Techniques.”Level Two is where you help your wife to go from “just orgasmic” to consistently multi-orgasmic.Before you can help her to achieve amazing orgasms, you’ll need to understand how to master what happens before you get to the bed room. You’ll learn how to “already have the battle won” before you even step into the bed room.You’ll discover how to be a Maestro all four stages of married sex: Desire, Seduction, Sensuality & Surrender.
Volume 7
In this volume, you’ll learn to master the ultimate sexual achievement as a couple… “Level Three Orgasms – Mutual Infinite Orgasms. “Since, by this point, you’ve mastered introducing orgasms, multiple orgasms, mixed and stacked orgasms into your sex life, it’s time for you and your wife to enter the “big leagues” of sexual play… it’s time for you to start giving each other “infinite orgasms.”Infinite orgasms” are deep, whole-body, intense, orgasms that can last for, virtually, an infinite amount of time.” Infinite orgasms” are not limited to just your sexual parts; they, effectively, make your entire body capable of orgasm. Having an “Infinite orgasm” feels as if your entire body is riding the unpredictable and overwhelming power of a tidal wave of sexual pleasure… you experience “wave after wave” of orgasmic pleasure… and this pleasure moves all around your body, from head to toe, and cycles between intense surface pleasure and deep internal pleasure.

You can read a more detailed overview of each volume HERE.

Wouldn’t it be a shame for you to NOT experience everything you want… sexually… when THESE men do it so easily?

Now I am not going to bore you with a long list of testimonials, but here are what just a few “average guys” had to say about this The Orgasm Maestro Method

Look, at this point in the letter… I’m supposed to tell you about why you need to get The Orgasm Maestro Method.

If I was a professional marketing guy, I’d have to write up a big list of reasons why “you need” to get it… before not getting it causes your entire world to collapse.

But, I’m lousy at lists like that… and, even if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t bother because… YOU DON’T NEED to get your own personal copy of The Orgasm Maestro Method.

If you don’t get a copy for yourself, no one is going to die. And, probably, your wife isn’t going to leave you for another man… tomorrow.

There are (literally) thousands of other books, videos and courses available to you that contain helpful information about how to be better in bed (You can find a bunch of really good ones HERE).

With the current economy and all, if you’re like the rest of us, you can think of a million reasons NOT to spend money on anything that isn’t, practically, “emergency” status. And, since I don’t know you, personally, I can’t (really) know if your marriage or sex life is (right this minute) in “emergency” status.

So, I’ll spare you the “drama” of trying to make you feel (even) crappier about your marriage and sex life than you already do. Unless the Internet shuts down, you can always come back here and get your own personal copy when things do get to “emergency” mode. Besides…

All of that would… pretty much… completely miss the point of THE REAL REASONS you should consider getting your own personal  copy of The Orgasm Maestro Method… TODAY…

Because, first of all, investing in this program isn’t about “justifying” anything. I don’t care if you’re Dave Ramsey… you’re not going to be able to sit down and do a spread sheet that “justifies” investing in…

  • “Having the kind of mind-blowing, CRAZY intense, sex that’s BETTER THAN the sex that 99% of married men will ever experience.”
  • DRAMATICALLY increasing the sex frequency in your marriage by creating a sexual attraction, desire and a sexual reward system that makes your wife want sex AS MUCH OR MORE than you do.”
  • “Finally, seeing your wife COMPLETELY lose control, in bed… to the point where she’s overcome by wave, after wave, of sensual and orgasmic passion.”
  • “Bonding emotionally and spiritually with your wife, during lovemaking… so that your lovemaking becomes… for both of you… a soul-bonding, relationship-building experience… EVERY TIME.”
  • “Giving your wife ALL EIGHT of the different ‘kinds’ of orgasms possible for her… in ALL SIX of the different ‘types’ of orgasms… masterfully using ALL FIVE of the different forms of sexual stimulation.”
  • Flipping the sexual dynamics in your marriage so that seducing, sexually attracting and ABSOLUTELY satisfying your wife becomes simple and easy.
  • INFINITE Orgasms (let alone… ‘mutual, simultaneous orgasms’ or ‘multiple, mixed and stacked, Infinite Orgasms).”
  • MASTERING the deep, intense, joys of the female G-Spot (let alone… YOUR ‘male G-Spot).”
  • “Discovering the ADVANCED levels of virtually every type of sexual technique category.”
If you choose to get your own personal copy of The Orgasm Maestro Method… it’s because you’ve made the decision that you aren’t  willing to settle for “okay” or “average”… when it comes to  your sexual potential… you WANT to experience things…  sexually… that most men will only dream about…  because it matters TO YOU…

Look, I don’t know your exact situation, but if you’re like most guys, you can always figure out how to invest a little bit of money into things that are truly important to you. I have friends that spend thousands of dollars, a year, on Golf. I have other buddies that wouldn’t think twice about spending hundreds of dollars on a new type of “super shiny” car wax… because they’re car lovers.

For me, I can always convince myself that I “need” the newest type of computer… because I love technology. If you decide to invest in a copy of The Orgasm Maestro Method, let’s be honest… You’re doing it because you WANT more in your marriage and sex life than most other men.

You WANT, frankly, to experience things that few other men ever will, sexually. Now, between you and me, I think these are pretty great reasons… There are a million things way less important than fulfilling your sexual potential… that you could use your hard-earned money to purchase.

But… ultimately… investing in your sexual knowledge and skill isn’t something that’s just for you… mastering your sexual potential  will… of course… mean TONS more pleasure… satisfaction…  and fulfillment for your wife too… and it will have  DRAMATICALLY positive effects on your  marriage relationship… and its  potential to last (happily)…

What would that be worth to you?

And, although I’m trying to avoid giving you any sort of “hard sell,” I will give you a few additional reasons why I hope you seriously consider getting your own copy of The Orgasm Maestro Method.

If you act today

1) You’ll save a ton of money (you’ll pay HALF of what hundreds of other men have paid).

2) I’ll give you a huge pile of FREE stuff (worth hundreds of dollars).

Plus… I’ll also include, for FREE, all of the following

For months, men have been begging us to offer an audio book version of The Orgasm Maestro Method and we’ve just finished it.

Now, you have the option of learning how to become an Orgasm Maestro, even faster and easier… by listening to this audio book version of the program.

You can listen while you commute, while traveling or exercising.

Since this audio book collection is in standard MP3 format, you’ll be able to listen to it, virtually anywhere… on your computer, in your car or on any type of music/audio player that reads MP3 files.

You can take them with you, anywhere, and discover the secrets of The Orgasm Maestro Method while you’re working around the house, running errands or relaxing.

With MP3 player functions such as mid-track resume, bookmarking or simple visual chapter selection you can flip through them easily and quickly. Pick up where you left off or find a place easily again just like that.

You can listen to them any time of the day, since; unlike with the document version of Orgasm Maestro, you don’t need any light to learn.

Many times, it will be more convenient and more private to learn from The Orgasm Maestro Method, with these audio books, because no one has to know WHAT you are listening to.

PLUS… many men have told us that they believe the audio book version of a resource like The Orgasm Maestro Method has additional (and powerful) subliminal effects on their subconscious. This, they are convinced, helps them to more fully grasp its concepts and learn more quickly and easily than just by reading.

And, if you order today

I’ll give you this entire audio book collection for FREE!

That’s right!

If you order NOW … you’ll get the complete audio book version of The Orgasm Maestro Method… at absolutely NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!



In this HUGE bonus resource, I reveal all of the best advanced sex techniques that I’ve discovered in over fifteen years as a sexual researcher.These are part of my personal sexual secrets treasure trove. Most of these I’ve never shared before (with anyone but Susan, of course).

  • I guarantee that most of these techniques will be new to you.
  • I promise that you’ll experience thousands of hours of sexual pleasure trying them for yourself.
  • Here are just a few of the hundreds of advanced tips, tricks, ideas and techniques you’ll find in this resource:
  • Sixty nine things you have to try in bed… before you die
  • The Most Exciting Sex Technique you’ll Ever Try
  • How to Introduce Oral or Anal – The Thinking Man’s Approach.
  • Advanced (and new) sexual techniques to try in the following categories:Advanced Foreplay techniques.Advanced Manual (fingering) techniques.Advanced Cunnilingus (oral) techniques.Advanced Intercourse Techniques.
  • How To Increase The Volume & Distance Of Your Ejaculations.
  • How to become sexually fit
  • The Maestro’s Guide to Sexual Nutrition
  • Advanced Sex Positions
  • Mastering Kissing – This includes a “down and dirty” guide to mastering the forgotten art of kissing.


If you’ve ever wanted to know the SCIENTIFIC answers to your sexual questions, you’re going to love this book.It is a comprehensive summary of all of the latest scientific research on sex and orgasm.Just some of the topics it explores…

  • What exactly is an orgasm?
  • The science of Male Erection
  • The science of Male Orgasm and Ejaculation
  • Erection and ejaculation, after serious injury.
  • The science of Female Orgasm
  • Are Orgasms Good for Your Health?
  • Overcoming Orgasmic Dysfunctions
  • Overcoming  Erectile Dysfunction
  • Overcoming Premature Ejaculation
  • Overcoming Desire Disorders
  • Challenging Beliefs about Female Sexuality
  • Overcoming Sexual Desire/Interest Disorders
  • Diseases That Affect Orgasm
  • How Aging Affects Orgasm
  • What Surveys Reveal
  • As Women Age
  • As Men Age
  • Pleasure and Satisfaction with and without Orgasm
  • The Nervous System Connection
  • The Neurochemistry of OrgasmA Concise Neurological Model of Orgasm in Humans
  • Effects of Medication
  • Hormones and Orgasm
  • Old Minds Rejuvenated by Sex Hormones
  • Menstrual Cycle, Sexual Behavior, and Orgasm
  • Mechanism of Action of Sex Steroids
  • Multiple Orgasm
  • The Genital-Brain Connection
  • Imaging the Brain during Sexual Arousal and Orgasm
  • The Cast of Characters – How Brain Components Contribute to Orgasm
  • Can We “Reverse Engineer” an Orgasm?
  • Pain and Pleasure: Strange Brainfellows?
  • Consciousness and Orgasm



The techniques you’ll learn in this book are:Powerful- These techniques are truly powerful.If you seriously explore and try the techniques in this book, you will, minimally, have to learn how to experience deep and powerful sexual sensations and emotions beyond anything you may have experienced, thus far, in your life.

Potentially Addictive- These techniques are potentially addictive. As with any activity that has the ability to produce deep, significant levels of pleasure, it is possible to become addicted to the experience.

Will alter your sexual expectations- These techniques will forever alter your sexual expectations.When you experience the deep, long-lasting, full-body and multi-orgasmic potentials that result from applying these techniques, it will forever change your perception of sex. You will never again be content with the “average” or “normal” sexual experiences of your past.

Are Based on The Best of Ancient & Modern Sexual Knowledge - These techniques are based on the best of ancient and modern sexual knowledge, from across the globe, not exclusive to western and specifically “Christian” resources. The Irwin Pleasure Protocols are based on what has been proven to work; only those techniques and methods, ancient or modern, that have the ability to consistently and dramatically increase sexual potential have been included. This book will teach you how to, literally, become a sexual and orgasmic artist.In this unique book, you’ll learn all about…

  • Finding, Building & Maintaining Sexual Power
  • Freeing Your Mind for sexual power.
  • Sexuality and Spirituality
  • Freeing Your Wife’s Mind
  • Channeling Sexual Energy
  • Crossing the Threshold of Unlimited Sexual Stamina
  • Sustaining the Zone of Unlimited Stamina
  • Female Orgasm Hindrances
  • Seven Phases to an Unforgettable Sexual Experience
  • Male Multi-Orgasmic Potential FUFLILLED



This is a powerful video presentation that will provide you with all of the tips, techniques and secrets you’ll need to becaome a Multi-Orgasmic Man.


This is the companion workbook to the Male Multiple Orgasm video and will make achieving your new multi-orgasmic state a step-by-step and simple process.


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If you are the type of man that wants to explore the outer limits of your sexual potential…this book is for you! If you desire to experience sexual pleasures almost beyond description… definitely beyond what most men will ever feel… in their entire lives… and you aren’t afraid to consider learning and trying prostate stimulation and massage techniques… you need to read every word of this letter!

Not all orgasms are created equal… The G Spot is the part of your wife’s sexual anatomy that has the potential to give her dramatically deeper, more powerful, and longer-lasting orgasms – and you can experience exactly the same type of scorching-hot, multiple orgasms by stimulating “your G Spot”… your prostate. If you are familiar with the female G Spot, you know that it is such a sexually powerful area because it has an unusually high number of “pleasure receptors” or “potential pleasure” nerve endings, etc.

It is the key to ultimate female sexual pleasure because it is directly connected to the rest of the female sexual anatomy. Similarly…the male prostate is rich with “pleasure receptors” and “pleasure potential” nerve endings… etc… It is the key to ultimate male sexual pleasure… Why is Prostate Stimulation So Sexually poweful?

The lobes of the prostate are highly sensitive to pressure, so if you press, rub or stroke your prostate gland you will experience a variety of uniquely different and pleasurable sensations.

The most intense feeling is very similar to the sensations felt during ejaculation as your prostate begins to pump seminal fluid. In addition to these awesome sensations, you will also be stimulating millions of pleasure-producing nerve endings which are in and around your prostate area. Plus…because a third of your penis is inside your body, you are also stroking and stimulating the base of your penis too.  


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Premature ejaculation is embarrassing. It’s humiliating. It makes you feel like less of a man doesn’t it?

And, as a married man, having to constantly look your wife in the eye after a bad performance and it can become a real romance killer. It can be terrible.

After a while, Premature Ejaculation is more than a bedroom problem… it’s tentacles can reach many aspects of your life… Your self esteem, your mood, your relationship success, and pretty much anything else that revolves around your overall happiness in life.

Most men can trace their PE to one of these 5 things…

  • Genes
  • Masturbation
  • Intensity
  • Lack of body knowledge
  • Sensitivity

In this book, you’ll discover which your main problem is and learn the exact strategy to overcome PE in your life.

Just some of the skills you’ll discover are…

  • Mental control
  • Hormone regulation
  • Physical control

You’ll discover how to experience:

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