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Video 2: Women’s Perspective On Squirting Orgasms…

Date:Saturday 20th September 2014

From the desk of: Robert Irwin

If you are reading this, you have stumbled upon an exclusive bit of information.

In this letter, you are going to learn a secret that most men will never know.

I am going to show you a simple trick that will give you the power to give your wife orgasms so intense and powerful that it will flood her limbic system with the human body’s natural “pleasure drug”… dopamine.

When her limbic system  is overwhelmed in this way… it will cause her brain to become sexually addicted to that feeling… and… at the same time… sexually ADDICTED to what caused this pleasure overload… you.

In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you how to make this happen over and over, whenever you’d like.

My name is Robert Irwin, founder of and, as a sexual researcher and coach, I’m always looking for the latest best sexual information for my readers.

And, today, I’m excited to tell you about some new information I’ve discovered that I believe will change your marriage and sex life forever.

If you’ll give me just a few short minutes, I’m going to show you the facts about what is possible, sexually for you and your wife.

 I’m going to give you secrets that 99% of men, including scientists, don’t know about how to give your wife ultimate sexual pleasure.

If you’re tired of begging your wife into bed or dealing with a little bit of boredom, this information is going to change everything for you.

Please read this entire letter now because, as you’ll see, I can only keep this page up for a very limited time. And, once I have to take this page down, you may never again have the chance to learn the secrets you’ll find in it.

Look, if you are tired of trying to find something… anything… that will finally catch your wife’s attention in the bedroom, I understand.

Believe it or not, even as a sexual researcher and author, my sex life can get into a rut.

In fact, sometimes, I think it might be worse. Bless my wife. She’s willing to try all sorts of new things in bed. But, after awhile, it takes something pretty amazing to really catch her attention… and “rock her world” in the bedroom.

And, it’s been quite some time since anything rocked her world, sexually, as the technique I’m about to share in this page.

So, if I was able to “knock my wife’s socks off,” sexually, with this technique, I guarantee you’ll be able to do the same for your wife.

But, first you have to understand that the reason this technique is so powerful is because it is NOTHING like anything you’ve tried before. It is nothing like the lame, old and useless tricks or techniques you’ve seen before.

It is based on sexual knowledge that has only been available recently and, frankly, is so “ahead of it’s time” that some supposed sexual experts still believe that it can’t be real. But, trust me, it’s as real as real gets and it’s been tested on hundreds of women over the past three years.

So, if you are tired of wasting your time, energy and money learning out-dated and useless techniques for rocking your wife’s world in the bedroom, THIS technique is going to be the answer to your prayers.

The biggest problem with most of these older techniques is that they are are based on beliefs about female sexuality that are not only old… they’re just WRONG.

They were developed BEFORE we truly understood how the female sexual response and orgasm processes ACTUALLY work.

Of course they’re destined to fail.

If they worked, you’d already be rocking your wife’s world, sexually, wouldn’t you?

Don’t be fooled by any supposed sex “experts” offering tricks to make you a sex god with your wife if they don’t involve the new female sexuality discoveries that this technique is based upon.

I’m not exaggerating to say that MOST sex advice, created before just a few years ago, was fatally flawed.


Because, frankly, as crazy as it sounds…

… it’s only been in the last few years that a few researchers and lucky amateur experimenters have discovered THE TRUTH about female sexuality…

It’s as if MOST sex advice, before that, is as silly as saying that the sun revolves around the earth. If their “tricks and techniques” are based on science this bad… how effective can their advice be?

Now, if you’ve believed this bad advice and found yourself frustrated by useless tricks and techniques that only annoyed your wife, it’s not your fault.

Even as a sexual researcher and coach, I was in the same boat.

Don’t forget. Practically NO ONE knew this new information about how a female’s sexual processes truly worked.

That’s why even I was getting frustrated finding a new way to push the sexual limits in my marriage… until I found this exciting new technique.

But, after the very first time I tried this technique with my wife, I knew I had discovered something truly revolutionary!

Although my wife was, already, a very sensual and sexual woman… I had NEVER seen her so overwhelmed with sexual pleasure as the first night we used this technique.

She begged me to do this technique to her… over and over.

By the time she virtually collapsed into my arms, covered in sweat and completely wasted from hours of sexual pleasure, she may have had ten or twenty INTENSE, full-body orgasms.

Who really knows how many… we could never have kept count… with all the excitement going on.

After that night, I started to teach this technique to my personal clients and was thrilled to find that virtually 100% of my clients were able to get the exact same results with their wives, as well.

Without a doubt… in over fifteen years of sexual research… this was the most incredible and reliable sexual technique I had ever discovered!

So, what is this technique?

This special technique allows you to give your wife what is called a squirting orgasm.

Since discovering this technique, I have personally given squirting orgasms to my wife, hundreds of times and I’ve taught over 100 of my personal clients to give squirting orgasms to their wives, as well.

If I had kept track… this technique has probably been responsible for THOUSANDS of intense… whole-body… SQUIRTING female orgasms… between my wife and the wives of my personal clients.

But, I can’t take credit for this technique. It was perfected by one of my associates, a sexual surrogate, Marcus D’arco.

It took Marcus over three years of practicing to discover and perfect the technique for giving any woman these unforgettable orgasms.

And, until I started teaching it to my personal clients, Marcus knew less than a dozen men in the world that knew how to do it right.

When done correctly, this technique works with young women, older women, and every age woman in between.

It works with women of all nationalities and all levels of sexual experience.

It works with women that are conservative in the bedroom and with women that are slightly wilder.

In fact, once you know what this technique is and how to do it, you can give a squirting orgasm to your wife whenever you choose.

Why is this the ultimate orgasm for women?

We men know only one kind of orgasm and we know what happens when we have one but for women the orgasmic experience is different than it is for a man.

It is different depending upon the type of orgasm she has.

All women are capable of having several kinds of orgasms and I’m about to tell you what they are.

  • Number one is the clitoral orgasm - The clitoral orgasm is the most common type of female orgasm.This type of orgasm from clitoral stimulation is usually accomplished by fingers and tongue or a toy. This is the most common female orgasm. Most guys can give this type of orgasm to their wife so it is likely that your wife has had one of these.
  • Number two is the G Spot orgasm - The G Spot orgasm is a little bit more tricky. Some people call this an internal orgasm or a deep spot orgasm because your wife experiences it from stimulation on the inside of her. Because of this, she gets more of a full body sensation then she does from just a clitoral orgasm. G spot orgasms used to be a mystery but, in the last decade or so, the word’s got out and now more and more guys know how to give their this type of orgasm. Your wife is likely to have this type of orgasm, through penetration, if you are decent in bed. G Spot orgasm toys have also become popular. So, more and more women are having these types of orgasms on their own, as well. These internal orgasms feel much better to your wife then a clitoral orgasm. So, when you can give your wife this type of orgasm she will automatically consider you to be pretty good in bed.
  • Number three is a simultaneous orgasm - A simultaneous orgasm is when your wife experiences a clitoral orgasm and a G spot orgasm at the same time. This is a difficult one to pull off for most husbands. It requires just the right finger and tongue techniques or finger and penetration technique. But what is really tough is the timing. Even if you have the technique right, the timing has to be perfect. Because of this it is very hard for a guy to give his wife simultaneous orgasms. Wives who are more sexually have probably had this type of orgasm several times but not often because the feeling’s not that much better than having the different types of orgasms on their own.
  • Number four is multiple orgasms - Multiple orgasms is when your wife experiences either clitoral or G Spot orgasms over and over again. This is very exciting feeling for a woman and, if her husband has great technique or amazing stamina, he can usually give his wife multiple orgasms and she will consider him to be great in bed.
  • Number five is the squirting orgasm - The squirting orgasm is entirely different than the ones we have already spoken about. The best way to understand what a squirting orgasm feels like for a woman is to think of your own orgasms. Yeah, go ahead and think about what it feels like right now. Now imagine how it would feel if you had an orgasm, but nothing came out; like if you had the orgasm but you could not ejaculate. It would feel weird or, even, incomplete. Well, this is what  clitoral and G spot orgasms feel like for a woman. But here is the thing; if they have never had a squirting orgasm, they do not know what they are missing. They think a clitoral orgasm or G spot orgasm is the best feeling they can get. After all it is the best thing they have ever had. But when you can give her a squirting orgasm… OH BOY… it is unlike anything else she has ever experienced and makes all other orgasms she has had in the past seem like NOTHING. From then on, her sexual desires are NEVER the same. There is really no comparison. Ask any woman who has had a squirting orgasm and she will tell you the same. 
Needless to say… a guy who can give his wife one of these mind blowing orgasms is not considered good or even great in bed. Oh, no! He is put in a category all of his own. In that category… he simply becomes her sexual addiction… because you can give her the most intense sexual pleasure of which she’s capable.

And, the coolest part is, she’ll feel this way about you,  regardless of your sexual experience, your size…  and even if you do everything else wrong. When you give your wife this ultimate orgasm you have done something that she can’t find in any other way!

From that moment, she looks at you completely differently and desires you in completely new and intense ways.

Now, as I mentioned, earlier, the mystery behind the squirting orgasm has JUST been figured out.

Just as the G spot orgasm is no longer a mystery, I am sure that 20 years from now everyone will know how to give their wife a squirting orgasm and it will be no big deal.

But… for now… there are just a few of us who are on the cutting edge of this sexual revolution and we have a huge advantage over all other men… and now it is time for you to join us!

So, what is it and can your wife do it?

Female ejaculation is a mystery, even to scientists. Personally, I do not know how the science works and, frankly, I do not care…

All I know is it is a REAL phenomenon women LOVE it…

And, once you know the secret, it is easy to do.

While the technique Marcus and I use to make women squirt is simple it is different from any other way you thought to touch your wife before.

It is definitely not something you would stumble upon yourself which is why so few of us know how to do it and the reason it took me over three years to figure it out.

  • This spot is different.
  • The angle is different
  • And the stroke itself is different.

I have seen other techniques that can work to make some women squirt but if you want the ability to give your wife the most powerful orgasm of her life then this is the technique to use. It is the secret to giving your wife a squirting orgasm.

I learned about Marcus and his technique when word was spreading through my circle of associates.

Some people were talking about his technique that could reliably and consistently give virtually any woman amazing squirting orgasms and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

And I was pleased to learn that he was happy to show me.

What I saw floored me. His surrogate clients and their husbands were coming back to him, over and over, practically begging him to show them how to do his technique on their own.

Trust me. If you want to make your wife sexually addicted to you, this is the way to do it.

And now… for the first time…  YOU
have the opportunity to learn how!

Why now?

Because I have (practically) begged Marcus to make this secret available to my subscribers.

But, his decision to allow me to do this was not an easy one.


He knows that he’s stumbled upon a major breakthrough in the world of sexual pleasure.

Although… 20 years from now… every man may know how to give his wife these types of orgasms… right now… very few possess this little known sexual knowledge and skill!

Consequently, Marcus has the chance to become quite rich and famous teaching this powerful and valuable secret. More importantly, though, he wanted to ensure that his name and technique wasn’t associated with the lame, non-scientific junk that is currently being offered as “squirting” techniques. He is truly proud of his discovery and wants to see that it truly helps men to improve their sexual relationships with their wives… instead of making them even more frustrated (like most of the other crappy e-books and videos on the topic).

So, I had to convince him that I would “do right” by him with anything I offered my subscribers.

I wanted to be sure I did it right…

No boring books or diagrams… No way! That would be like trying to learn boxing or Karate from a book… it is impossible.

So, I decided I was going to create a one-of-a-kind ”tell all and show-all” video instructional course that would show any guy how to give his wife an intense squirting orgasm… the very FIRST time he tried… regardless of his or her sexual experience… and even if he made a few mistakes.

And, frankly, that’s a little bit tricky because I needed to present his technique fully and clearly enough to show you EXACTLY how to make it work EVERY TIME… but…

I refuse to create anything that is even remotely “porn like.”

And then…

I came up with (if I must say so myself) a brilliant idea.

I would have Marcus interviewed about his technique and I would film him demonstrating it on several of his surrogate clients and then…

…I would have these sessions re-created in an ANIMATED… NON-PORNOGRAPHIC format that anyone… even the most conservative man or woman… could watch WITHOUT feeling uncomfortable!


I promised that I would only offer this information to 100 of my subscribers. After that, I would take down this video and only Marcus could offer his technique to the world.

And, I am proud to say that is exactly what I have done.

Introducing… The Guide to Giving The Ultimate (Squirting) Female Orgasm…
The Guide to Giving the ULTIMATE Squirting Orgasm

The Guide to Giving the ULTIMATE Squirting Orgasm



I have decided to call this course The Guide to Giving The Ultimate (Squirting) Female Orgasm… how to give your wife the best orgasms she’s ever had

If you can watch TV and press a few buttons on a remote control… then you have what it takes to give your wife the orgasm of her life!

And you will see the technique demonstrated on five different (animated) women.

The course is very simple.

You will first hear from Marcus and several women as they talk about what squirting is how it works… and what you need to know in order to make your wife squirt much easier than you think.

He will then teach you the actual technique for getting your wife to squirt… the stroke to use… where to caress… and how much pressure and for how long.

There is not much to memorize and you will have it all down in about 5 minutes.

Then we get to the fun stuff…

I created this program to make you a master of squirting orgasm and in order to do that we demonstrate techniques for you on five different (animated) women.

These women are different ages, different looks and from all levels of sexual experience.

  • One does not often have squirting orgasms often and the last time she did, her husband did it wrong and it was painful. So needless to say he had his work cut out for him in this demonstration scene. In it he will show you his proven foreplay sequence for getting your wife mentally and physically ready to have one of these intense orgasms and exactly how to give her one. And then, as part of your complete education, he will take things to the next level as he shows you two more ways to give a squirting orgasm. After the initial orgasm is completed, each one more intense than the last, you will be able to use this exact foreplay sequence technique on your wife the same night you watch the program to make her shake and squirm like never before.
  • One of those women is as curious about squirting as every other woman in the world and wants to see what it is like. After her first orgasm, you will hear her ask him “How did you do that?” and then you will watch him show her again and again and again. Pay close attention to this scene as he starts with the basics and then moves on to the truly advanced stuff. You will discover the only one thing that gives your wife more sexual pleasure than a squirting orgasm… multiple squirting orgasms. And, after watching this video tutorial, you will know exactly how to give your wife this once in a lifetime experience, too!
  • One of the women is new to squirting orgasms and, although she has squirted a couple of times before, it was by accident, and she has not figured out how to do it again, since. In this scene, you will see Marcus make this lady have the most incredible orgasm of her entire life. The technique he uses is easy. You will be able to do it yourself after you see him do it first. But WOW, what a result! Just wait until you see how hard she climaxes, over and over and over again. You will also hear her confess her sexual secrets as to what turns her on in bed. Prepare to be surprised. She will spell out her exact erogenous zones and how to stimulate them in ways that 99% of men will never discover. Also, pay close attention to the techniques he uses to get her relaxed and comfortable with him and his technique. In this scene, the foreplay was super important. If he had done anything to make her uncomfortable, he would not have been able to make her squirt, but fortunately, all went well and she came like you are not going to believe. You will be able to use the same secrets when you are with your wife to make her explode with pleasure, literally.
  • And, there is the forty-something woman that does not know much about squirting. In fact, when her husband has tried, in the past, she has quickly shot him down. But, she had heard about how Marcus had made her best friend squirt and she was curious to see what all the hype was about. So he showed her. It was not easy to get her to squirt for the first time. She was really nervous. In her words, “It feels like I am losing my virginity.” But, before you know it, she is squirting all over the place at the end of the scene. She will explain to you how it feels and exactly what to say and do with your wife to help her to get maximum enjoyment out of this new sexual potential.
  • Lastly, you’ll see a veteran squirter. This woman can squirt from just about any kind of stimulation. No hard work or special technique being given here. In this scene, you will see that she, literally, squirts across the room. She also shared the story of how she discovered her amazing squirting talents and what you can do to help your wife unlock her hidden orgasmic potential.
There is no better way to learn than by watching these animated demonstrations.

By the time you have gone through them, you will know exactly how to make your wife squirt over and over again while she begs you for more.

Here are just a few more of the secrets you will get in this program.

  • The exact spot you must touch to make your wife squirt. Here is Marcus’s foolproof way to find it on your wife in seconds – the very first time you try.
  • The thing most men think they should do when trying to give their wife one of these orgasms that almost guarantees she will not have one. This is the big secret that took me from getting about half the women to squirt to getting all of them to squirt so listen up.
  • The exact amount of fingers to use where and how to use them and how much pressure.
  • He will show you every aspect of the technique and you will be amazed at how easy it actually is.
  • What happens in a woman’s body when she squirts and how to use this knowledge to give her more intense orgasms. No science mumbo jumbo here – just the straight facts on how to get her off.
  • The secret sex position that lets your wife have a squirting orgasm during penetration.
  • The mental side of squirting.
  • Five things that get your wife relaxed enough to squirt without putting pressure on her.
  • The special trick to use on her upper body that triggers an intense reaction downstairs. This gets her super turned on and begging for you to touch her down there.
  • What you must do with your hands before you touch your wife if you want her to feel comfortable with you.
  • A new way to make your wife feel sexy down there. Use this to get rid of her negative self talk and make her comfortable and relaxed around you. This also makes a woman more open to intercourse with you.
  • How often you should give a woman a squirting orgasm.
  • The two techniques guys use to make their women squirt and why you should never use them.
  • Not only are they less effective but one of them could actually hurt your wife.
  • What you must do differently with a woman who is more conservative in the bedroom.
  • What to do with your fingers that are not inside of her. This is very important. Many guys miss this and when they do it is unlikely she will orgasm.
  • How to warm her up down there before you touch her secret squirt spot.
  • And much much more.

Here’s what one of my personal clients, Phil, said about this course…

“I have to say I really enjoyed this course. I have read many books about becoming better in bed.Some were good, some not so good. But I wasn’t having the results I wanted just by reading. When you offered me a look at this course, I immediately thought this is what I need. I needed to see this stuff to understand how to really apply it.

And guess what?

Last night my wife and I had the time of our lives. She couldn’t believe it…. after it was over she asked What just happened? My answer? “You just had 6 orgasms in a row!


 Here’s what another, Eugene, said…

“My wife and I have only been married for a few years. And, frankly, the sex has been a little frustrating.

In the past, when we started to get sexual, she’d always become distant and seem less interested than I was. I didn’t know what was going on. After watching the animated course, I figured out exactly what I was doing wrong. Well needless to say the very next time with my wife went amazing.

She orgasmed over and over again and when it was over we were closer than ever. This never used to happen! It’s amazing how a simple little change can make such a big difference.

Thanks for this!”


And, here’s what another, Dan, said…

“I’m so excited, I just gave my wife multiple orgasms for the first time.

I’ve always had good sex with my wife, but I always thought she wasn’t multi-orgasmic. Every time after she came she asked me to stop and willingly did so and was happy, I made her cum hard, job well done right? Just last night I put her on her stomach, with the pillows under her hips/abdomen, the way I learned in the animated video. I made her come quickly, doing what you described but as she came I slowed down then made her orgasm again!

I made my wife do things she didn’t know she could do and now she and I are both happy and I’m hoping I can learn to give her 3 or 4 orgasms.



Look, if you’ve tried other techniques for surprising your wife in bed and been disappointed, I can understand why you might be afraid that this technique won’t work for you.


That is why this course is so different and better.

It is why I had to create the animated format.

Once you have the chance to watch Marcus’s technique, step-by-step, it will be almost impossible for you to fail!

Although his technique is super simple… it’s just one of those things that you have to see “in action” to understand. But, once you do…

It’s so easy to replicate that you’ll have NO problem using it with your wife.

I’m sorry, but you’ll have to admit that you aren’t really that interested in pushing your sexual boundaries if you don’t grab your own copy of this course.

In five minutes, you’ll learn a technique that will change your married sex life forever.

And, in less than an hour, you’ll know EVERYTHING you will ever need to know about giving your wife the best orgasms she’s ever had… or ever could have!

And, if you’re one of the first fifty men to grab a personal copy, you’ll pay a silly low price for all of this!

Plus, because I’m so thrilled that Marcus is allowing me to offer these secrets to you, I’m also going to throw in a few very valuable bonuses, as well.

I want to make it a “no brainer” for you to get your own copy of this course RIGHT NOW.

If you are one of the first 50 men to try this course… I’m ALSO going to give you… FOR FREE…

Explosive Ejaculation Power

Explosive Ejaculation Power

A copy of the popular report – Explosive Ejaculation Power.

In this FREE bonus, you will discover…

  • How to increase the volume of semen in your ejaculations.
  • How to increase the explosive power of your ejaculations so that you have the ability to shoot, literally, feet… or yards in distance.
  • How to experience “roped” ejaculations where the orgasms are so intense you have multiple ejaculations!
  • And more.
Normal Retail: $17.00

And, I’m ALSO going to include a FREE copy of…

The Ultimate Guide to the Female G Spot

The Ultimate Guide to the Female G Spot

In this FREE bonus, you will discover…

  • How to find your wife’s G Spot.
  • How to stimulate your wife’s G Spot to give her intense G Spot Orgasms.
  • And much more.
Normal Retail: $47.00

And, WAIT!

And, I’m ALSO going to include a FREE copy of…

The Science of Orgasm

The Science  of Orgasm

In this FREE bonus, you will discover…   

  • The most recent scientific discoveries regarding human orgasm.
  • What exactly is an orgasm?
  • The science of Male Erection
  • The science of Female Orgasm
  • Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction
  • The Neurochemistry of Orgasm
  • The Genital-Brain Connection
  • The connections between consciousness and Orgasm
  • And much much more.
Normal Retail: $47.00

So, if you are ready to give your wife the most intense orgasms humanly possible and get her to become sexually addicted to you then you are going to love this course.

Marcus is working on finishing his version of a course on this technique and, when it is offered to the public, it will NOT sell for less than $195.00.

I’ve talked to him about this and I know this for a fact.

So, when you invest in my The Guide to Giving The Ultimate (Squirting) Female Orgasm, you’ll be getting all the same secrets that will be in Marcus’s $195.00 course.


You’ll also get Explosive Ejaculation Power … which is normally sold at $17.00.

And, you’ll get your own personal copy of The Ultimate Guide to the Female G Spot… which is normally sold at $47.00.

And… you’ll ALSO get your own copy of The Science of Orgasm… which is normally sold for $47.00.

So… if you’re keeping track… you’ll see that… if you are one of the first 50 guys to try this course… you’ll be receiving… minimally… $306.00 in value!

Now, I am NOT going to charge you $306.00.

In fact, I’m not going to charge you even half of that or $153.00.

I’m only going to charge you $74.00 for this very special and limited-release course.


If you are one of the first fifty men to give this course and it’s secrets a try, I’m only going to charge you half of THAT!

That’s right.

If you are one of the first fifty men to order a copy of this exciting course, you’ll invest only $37.00!

Plus, you’ll get my Your wife squirts or it is free guarantee, as well.

Our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that my The Guide to Giving The Ultimate (Squirting) Female Orgasm course will give you the skills to give your wife a body shaking squirting orgasms I make you this promise.

After going through this program, you will make your wife squirt the very first time you try or you pay nothing and I will refund every cent of your money. Plus… you can keep the course and the bonuses… just for trusting me enough to give it a try!

You’ll get your money back…  no questions asked and with no hard feelings.

So why am I making such a crazy guarantee?

Well, three reasons.

  • Number one - I know this stuff works.
  • Number two - I know it is easy to do.
  • Number three - It works with any woman and I know it is going to work for you and your wife.

Listen, it took Marcus a long time to discover this technique to make any woman squirt and it took him even longer to perfect it to where it works every time.

It takes no special skills or strength and the animated demonstrations make it easy to learn.

There is nothing to memorize and no tricky spots to find you will get the technique down in just 5 minutes and by the time you are finished watching the five demonstrations, you will have the ability to make your wife squirt again and again and again.

It really is that simple.

But, if for any reason, you are dissatisfied or it does not work with your wife, you get your money back quickly and with no hassles.

I am that confident these secrets will work for you that I want you to find out just how powerful they are for yourself.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and a whole lot of wild experiences with your wife to gain.

Grab your copy of The Guide to Giving The Ultimate (Squirting) Female Orgasm now you will be glad you did.

Your privacy is my number one priority.

When you click on the order button you will go to a secure order page for your credit card information.

Your transaction is secure using our secure server.

Your order information is transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security.

The transaction will be discreetly billed to you as SPI Publishing, with a customer support number included.

The whole process will take you just a few minutes.

And, you can  try The Guide to Giving The Ultimate (Squirting) Female Orgasm risk free for a full 60 days.


This is possibly the most important investment you will ever make in your sex life and I want to make the decision really easy for you.

I want to make sure that you try out the secrets in this exciting program because I know that once you see just how easy it is to give your wife powerful full body squirting orgasms, you will are going to be really glad you did.

When you click on the link below, you will be taken to a secure order page where you can order the The Guide to Giving The Ultimate (Squirting) Female Orgasm.

Now, check out the secrets and techniques.

Then take 60 full days to try them out.

If you do not immediately begin giving your wife more powerful orgasms than you ever have before, simply send it back for a full refund.

I truly want to help you have the type of experiences other men will only dream about in bed.

I get letters and e-mails every day from husbands who are using these secrets to have the most mind blowing sex of their entire lives and I want you to do the same.

Give your wife the best orgasms she’s ever had – guaranteed.

It has been a few years since Marcus first cracked the code on how to give any woman a squirting orgasm and since then he and I have shown HUNDREDS of women how to have this enlightening sexual experience for the first time.

Through it all, one thing has remained the same.

Every single woman we worked with have sworn up and down that it was THE BEST sexual experience she had ever had.

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