Hello, Again!

For those who subscribed to our last blog, Just the 3 of Us, we are excited to reconnect with you! And for those who are new subscribers, welcome to our journey!

We started a new blog to go with our new season of life – and our new mission:

“God is calling us to create an adventure where we can recover what has been “lost” in today’s marriages – in ours first, then in others.”

What has been lost? Intimacy – with the Lord, and with each other.

That’s why we called our blog “Become One Flesh”. We want to restore One Flesh in our marriage, and help others discover it in theirs by sharing our stories. Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months as we tell our stories – past and present – of challenges, losses, separation, healing, and restoration within our lives individually and in our marriage. Will you join us?

Matt & Chandra

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